Refer A Patient
Please click the button below to download a PDF version of the Physicians Referral Form.
For Accuro EMR users, a pre-populated form can be downloaded from the Accuro forms directory.
We recommend a full PFT for the work-up of the breathless patient.
If you think your patient requires a respirology consult, please send all necessary medical information (including any chest imagery already done) to us along with the PFT referral page.

Please refer your patient to our website for instructions prior to coming in for the PFT, or please print out the instructions for the patient when they are referred.

At CVPD, we perform lung function tests that provides doctors with relevant information about their patient’s lung health which can be used to diagnose and treat a variety of lung diseases.
Our Pulmonary Function Lab Testing Center is located beside Trillium Health Partners-Credit Valley Hospital in central Mississauga.
We are committed to excellent patient care and confidentiality.
Our team wants to work with you to ensure that your patients’ lung health is actively treated in a timely and effective manner.
Due to our recent expansion, our wait times are very low.
We see patients of all ages, including children
as young as 6.

*We do not perform the Methacholine Challenge/ Bronchoprovocation Test at this location.

We recommend this series of questions when assessing your patient:

Do you cough regularly

Do you cough up phlegm regularly?

Do even simple chores make you short of breath?

Do you wheeze when you exert yourself, or at night?

Do you get frequent colds that persist longer than those of other people you know?

If your patient has answered YES to one or more of these questions, they may be at risk for COPD.
*Canadian Thoracic Society’s COPD Clinical Assembly & Canadian Lung Association Canadian Lung Health Test. May 2015.