Patient Instructions

Please call our office (905-569-7600) to postpone your test if you have new cold/flu symptoms.

Please talk to your doctor, phone or email our office if you have ANY questions or concerns about your test.

Please inform the office if you have had eye surgery or abdominal surgery within 6 weeks before your test date.

Unless you have received a special instruction from your doctor and your breathing condition is stable,
please STOP the following medications prior to testing. They can be resumed after testing.

Stop 6 Hours Before:

Ventolin (Salbutamol, Apo-Salvent, Teva-Salbutamol, Novo-Salbutamol), Bricanyl

Stop 12 Hours Before:

Atrovent, Combivent

Stop 24 Hours Before:

Advair, Symbicort, Zenhale, Oxeze

Stop 48 Hours Before:

Breo, Trelegy, Atectura, Enerzair, Anoro, Spiriva, Incruse, Inspiolto, Tudorza, Duaklir, Ultibro, Breztri, Seebri

You may continue taking any medications that are not listed above.
General Preparation
  1. Stop inhaled medications prior to testing as outlined above.
  2. Do not smoke or vape on the day of your test.
  3. If you are unable to follow verbal instructions in English, please come with your own translator.
  4. You may wish to bring water to drink if you are prone to coughing or dry mouth.
  5. Please try your best to ARRIVE ON TIME for your appointment. Finding parking may take longer than expected. Your test may be delayed or re-scheduled for late arrivals.
  6. Please call our office to postpone the test if you have new cold or flu symptoms.
  7. We do charge $150.00 to patients who do not attend their confirmed appointment. Cancellations made 48 hours or less before a scheduled appointment will also be subject to a charge of $150.00. If you are unable to keep this appointment please call the office at (905) 569-7600.
  8. Refrain from vigorous exercise the day of the test.